The concert

Quick summary of the concert.
Jessica Simpson was overseas for the military christmas thing. A transcript of that planning session:
“We need to raise moral! Quick, send in the blonde lolita with the ta-tas! No, the one we can afford!”
Nikka Costa kicked righteous soul ass. No one else who went agrees with me on this, but I want to see that group play again.
Jewel was good. Not great, but not her fault. The great draw of Jewel is her lyrics (brilliant) and her voice. Well, when you’ve got the damn BACKUP GUITAR ramped up so fucking loud you can’t HEAR HER, it sort of impairs my enjoyment. Upside: I have never wanted to be a Jack Daniels tank top so much in my LIFE. Sweet Jebus.
BNL was great. Short set, IMO, but great. The guys looked a little tired, and I think they’re really looking forward to the post new-years break and working on the new album, but they gave it their all.
Listening to Ed sing the One Ring rhyme to the tune of “If I had a Million Dollars” was priceless. Their improv songs were brilliant last night.
All in all, a good night. Cool venue. My ears still hurt.