Better Killing, through the Internet

As [the winter solstice holiday of your choice] draws near, I find myself doing the things I usually do when things start to get a little stressful.
Killin’ stuff.
Back in Vermillion, it was Doom, Doom2, muds, and Xcom (still one of my favorite all-time games).
In Denver, I moved up to Warcraft, Warcraft II, and Diablo, not to mention more mudding than any sane person should subject themselves to.
After that, Starcraft, Nox, Diablo II… usually it’s multiplayer things that really get a lot of play at the Testerman house, because Jackie and I like doing that sort of thing together.
Nothing like glassing the surface of a planet with your loved one, y’know?
Never got into the mud-style pay-games, though — muds alone were so damn addictive. Still are, really, at least for me.
Now Blizzard is talking about some sort of similar thing, set in the World of Warcraft, built on the Diablo engine… Maybe even free servers, like Battlenet.
Dear lord, my clicking finger is starting to ache just thinking about it.
But only if it’s free. I can’t afford to expose an obsessive/additive personality to something I have to pay for.
(Except for comics, digital cable, and dvd’s, of course.)

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