And that’s why they play the game…

I picked up Jay Fiedler last week in my Fantasy League. I’ve been playing Griese, but he’s hurt, and Fiedler’s had comparable numbers so far, so it seemed a decent switch up, especially since I was forced into it. prognosticated for this week: Fiedler should pass for over 200 yards with at least one touchdown against San Francisco.
Wanna know what he did: 149 passing yards, 0 TD passes, 3 interceptions (costs me points), sacked 6 times (costs me points) 33 rushing yards, and a fumble (costs me points)
Net score for this guy? -12 points. I could have kept Griese on the roster and PLAYED him and even though he’s not playing, I’d have made 12 more points.
Punchline? Doesn’t matter. I’m in 3rd place, the guy I’m playing is in 4th, and he can’t pass me even if he beats me, so I’m in the playoffs regardless.

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  1. Ah, you had one more week of regular season, eh? We started are playoffs this week in both leagues that I’m in. What an odd weekend. Both of my benched churned out more points than my starting lineups. Currently, I stand to win in the AFL if Aaron Brooks doesn’t score 15+ points, and I stand to win in the KKLA if Ricky Williams and Joe Horn don’t score 36+ points. I have to do this with all of those players up against the Rams defence…

  2. Trade deadlines are past already, aren’t they? The way my leagues work, the trade deadline was Week 12 and the free agent deadline was Week 13. Week 14 was the first round of playoffs.

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