Pigskin Picks

Once a week, I make one post in which I talk like a former high school football player who still loves the game, and you all pretend you care (or don’t). Deal.
Like the Redskins/Dallas game, Week 5 of the Fantasy League wasn’t pretty, but someone had to win. Might as well be me.
I’ve had better weeks, but I’ve also had worse, and it put a W up in the result column, so I can’t complain much.
One interesting thing is that, of the eight players I had active this week, FOUR were outperformed by guys I had on my bench. I usually make better decisions than that. Seattle’s Stephen Alexander outrushing Emmit Smith probably isn’t that surprising, but Seattle’s Defense got 3 interceptions and ran in 2 touchdowns off a QB that only threw 5 Picks ALL LAST YEAR? What?
And of course Flutie had one of those infuriatingly decent games that you can never predict… so I don’t really care that I missed out on his points.
Anyway, I’ve somehow stumbled into the best record for my league at 4 and 1, but in the end I’m screwed. Unless Yahoo updates to take the ‘lost’ week of NFL play into account, several of my best guys are going to be on byes at critical times.