Missing_barnstar.jpgBeen a long while since I’ve posted (on this blog, anyway — I’ve been busy elsewhere on the internets, but not here), lets see about updating a bit.
I’ve revised the code on the site a bit to be a bit more small-browser-window friendly and just generally more readable. I’ve also resurrected average-bear.com as a kind of collective repository of everything I’m posting on all my sites, and updated a bit on Facebook and Flickr.
I got my 50k words down for NaNoWriMo, but Humorless itself isn’t really done, so I expect I’ll be going back to that in the new year… once I’m done with the latest round of revisions on Hidden Things, which is my next big to do.
Just got back from the 1800 mile round-trip to South Dakota to visit family. Very good to see everyone and the little girl made out like some kind of mad toy bandit, so it was all win for her. Plus I got to take my girls to Mount Rushmore, finally. I’ve been there many many times, but neither of them had, so that was fun. Slight damper on the joys of the season: ear and throat “thing” that I’ll be dropping by the doc’s this afternoon to pick up medicine for. Ugh… Also, I seem to be carrying five extra pounds of stuffing and pumpkin pie around. Bleh. Time to seriously shop for a replacement for my poor destroyed elliptical.
Recent Reads
Hearts in Atlantis (which I just realized is a terrible terrible pun on the part of the author), one or two of the Witches/Discworld books, and two of the Keys to the Kingdom books by Garth Nix, thanks to the local library’s audiobooks section and a very, very long road trip.