Periscope up?

Yeah, I know I’ve been a little “periscope down” for the last couple weeks, but I’m in a bit of a bind — I’ve got two things I really really want to talk about, and I really can’t discuss either of them out here on the big bad internets.

So, instead… how about a video of my daughter winding herself up (literally) for dance class? Spinning Spinning Spinning. (open with quicktime)

Yes, that’s pretty much what she’s like all the time.

More later, once I feel like I can talk about it. Until then, I’ll take suggestions on somewhat safer unsafe topics to discuss; let’s hear it.


Two-weapon Specialization

Pictured: Kaylee demonstrates her 15+
Two-weapon Specialization

On the one hand, this is just a test of the ability of Flickr to (finally!) post images to my blog after lo these many years.

On the other, it’s a funny picture. There’s a whole series of these, involving Kaylee beating several people into submission during our February birthday bash.

From my Inbox

I showed my family the “oh no my arms!!” video and they all thought it was some new internet sensation.
I told them I was going to meet the “my arms girl” and they were like “No way!! how?!” She could be a youtube star!

Indeed she could. Indeed, she could.