Circles, Circles and Less? Circles

Making some notes on this – sounds pretty useful.

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Circles, Circles and Less? Circles

So I saw a post that had an example of how to better manage circles on G+ and thought I'd give it a try. Here's what I have setup, but still have some work to do.

Right now it's really centered around my stream and not so much about the sharing to a specific group or audience.

1. Notifications – notifies me when anyone in this circle posts something. Put a couple big hitters and very personal friends and family. Others that don't post much at all, but I want to know when. Otherwise I'm going to get a ton of emails.

2. Flow 1 – People that engage, or that I know personally that I want to see many of their updates. Set to 'more'.

3. Flow 2 – People that post on occasion, share some common interest, some news, communities and pages. Set to 'standard'.

4. Flow 3 – Don't know you. Not sure about your interest and you don't do a lot of engagement? Set to 'fewer'

5. Gamers – the whole lot of you. ;-) set to 'standard'. May play with this one as my stream takes shape.

6. Bookmarks – empty, used to share posts for later reference

I'm trying to keep people to 1-2 circles. My next step is to do an overall shot at grouping folks based on some kind of common interest. This way if I don't share something public I can share it to a specific circle since the above setup really doesn't address anything but public posts. I had deleted more than 5 circles, but again, will probably add more.

The stream seems to have changed quite a bit. Not sure if it's 'better' per se, but definitely a change. I think the thing I notice the most is the lack of duplicate posts or reshares. This probably has to do with having someone that gets their posts reshared a lot in the flow 1 circle and then the others a bit lower in priority. I'll be bopping people up and down as things progress.