… and the tech support says “clear your browser cache”…

So, I hit a stupid bug on Flickr yesterday; I noticed that ‘our’ Flickr pro account (as opposed to ‘my’ Flickr pro account) had expired, so I attempted to renew the subscription.

Only problem was, I couldn’t. When I tried to do so, the Yahoo Wallet page told me it wasn’t ‘available at this time’.

Really? Because if I try to log in from my personal Flickr account, I can get there just fine. Clearly, something with ‘our’ account is screwed up.

However, while I was poking around in my personal account, I noticed that I could buy a “gift” account for someone else, which I did, and then sent it to myself, logged in as ‘our’ account, accepted the gift, and voila, we have a renewed account again.

Can I now get to the wallet site, now that we’re a legitimate Pro user again?

Of course not. *headdesk*

Anyone else ever had problems like that with Flickr, or am I more uniquely stricken than most?