“It’s Boots SPECIAL Day; he can do whatEVER he wants…”

Maggie got me thinking about this with All the talk about “hoses” aside….

Watching a children’s fire truck DVD, and the truck says, “I’m so big. While these men are up in my basket, two firefighters are working on me down below.”

At some genetic level, I’m incapable of silencing the part of my brain that adds dirty subtext1 to my daughter’s DVDs.

There’s a Little Einsteins video where the youngest girl says something like “Little Red Train is miiighty strong…”

Three years I’ve been hearing that line; still – every time – I respond “… and he’s a TOMcat in the sack.”

Someone tell me I’m not alone in this – what’s a kid’s video you invariably process the WRONG way?

1 – Is it even subtext when you say it out loud? Maybe it’s just… text.