For those of you who’ve seen the movie, and have seen the Matrix, I share this funny from a local gamer:
“Welcome to Rivendel, Mr. Anderson.”

Post-it Notes in nth Space

There’s a new technology coming to mobile phones — the GPS. Once $100,000 per unit, it’s now the size of a quarter and costs about 100 bucks a pop… the next generation of mobile phones in the U.S. will incorporate them by law.
What this means — the current GPS system can figure out where you are to within a 3 to 6 meter range, and scientists are working on a way to create text messages attached to the space you are currently occupying — these messages would then pop up for any other similarly equipped phone/PDA that passes through the same space (presumably if you scan for it, or if it passes your ‘approved users’ screen).
Think about this — every point on the planet has it’s own personal pop-up web page. Read reviews of restaurants from previous customers who stood in the same line that you did. It is the internet envisioned in David Brin’s Earth (one of the more realistic-but-optimistic near-future fictions I’ve ever read).

Man, the hide-and-seek game you could play with something like this. Can you imagine?
The high-tech treasure hunts.

Thing’s gonna make Majestic look like Pong.

(via Dave)

And that’s why they play the game…

I picked up Jay Fiedler last week in my Fantasy League. I’ve been playing Griese, but he’s hurt, and Fiedler’s had comparable numbers so far, so it seemed a decent switch up, especially since I was forced into it. prognosticated for this week: Fiedler should pass for over 200 yards with at least one touchdown against San Francisco.
Wanna know what he did: 149 passing yards, 0 TD passes, 3 interceptions (costs me points), sacked 6 times (costs me points) 33 rushing yards, and a fumble (costs me points)
Net score for this guy? -12 points. I could have kept Griese on the roster and PLAYED him and even though he’s not playing, I’d have made 12 more points.
Punchline? Doesn’t matter. I’m in 3rd place, the guy I’m playing is in 4th, and he can’t pass me even if he beats me, so I’m in the playoffs regardless.

Buffy stuff

Whether you’re a fan or not, this is interesting. The UPN network is running Buffy reruns this week and next, but not reruns from this season.
This week they’re playing “Hush”, the emmy-nominated episode from season Four (?), and probably one of the best one-shot episodes for the show.
Next week is The Body, which isn’t one of the best stand-alones, but is one of the best episodes — tremendous cast acting.
So, if you’re a fan, here’s another chance to check them out. If you’re not, this is a chance to see some of the episodes that make me rave about the show.

Better Killing, through the Internet

As [the winter solstice holiday of your choice] draws near, I find myself doing the things I usually do when things start to get a little stressful.
Killin’ stuff.
Back in Vermillion, it was Doom, Doom2, muds, and Xcom (still one of my favorite all-time games).
In Denver, I moved up to Warcraft, Warcraft II, and Diablo, not to mention more mudding than any sane person should subject themselves to.
After that, Starcraft, Nox, Diablo II… usually it’s multiplayer things that really get a lot of play at the Testerman house, because Jackie and I like doing that sort of thing together.
Nothing like glassing the surface of a planet with your loved one, y’know?
Never got into the mud-style pay-games, though — muds alone were so damn addictive. Still are, really, at least for me.
Now Blizzard is talking about some sort of similar thing, set in the World of Warcraft, built on the Diablo engine… Maybe even free servers, like Battlenet.
Dear lord, my clicking finger is starting to ache just thinking about it.
But only if it’s free. I can’t afford to expose an obsessive/additive personality to something I have to pay for.
(Except for comics, digital cable, and dvd’s, of course.)


Gamer stuff over on the (duh) gaming page.
Yes, geeky. Still, good to see people I hadn’t seen since a few days before my trip to the hospital — met some new people, Jackie got to meet some of the people I talk about all the time, and she and I were playing at the same table all day.
Basically we got to socialize and exert our (ahem) unique personalities, together, directing it at other people instead of each other, for 15 hours straight — not the kind of opportunity we’re often afforded.
Quality time.
It was just a really good day.
(Also, thanks giga-loads to Dave and Margie, who dog-sat for us and brought turkey soup to our house for us to wolf down — perfectly timed to coincide with our one-hour evening break.)


Does anyone have a link to that music video where Christopher Walken dances? I’ve never seen it, I feel lame, and I want to not feel lame, which ties directly into the link to the video, so HELP ME.