Clan Kuma

Someone killed me this morning. (I’m not naming names, though I have my suspicions.) Due to my death, I was unable to avenge my honor properly, but my ninja hordes are assembling. Beware!
(I know I already linked to this, but dammit, it’s ninja warfare! It deserves two links.)

d’ya hear that sound?

That soft, whispering sigh that rides the air tonight, all across the America?
That’s the sound of a million Trek fans drifting through a greased-up-Vulcan masturbatory fantasy while they stare at a couple seconds of Enterprise in freeze-frame.
Good show? Yes, I enjoyed parts of it very much. Cool ship? Yes. It felt like a sub, it was cramped like a sub, and in case you missed the parallel, they used reverse depth charges to attack it like a sub.
Pandering, pointless lotion scene? …you do hear that sound, don’tcha?
The lowest common denominator in Trekdom is divisible by 7 and 9.


For those of you who’ve asked (but who apparently don’t read the comments pages), Jake is doing better. The vet cleared him of any actual hip damage, judged it to be tissue bruises, and gave us some meds. All is good news on that front.
We have Digital Cable as of today. It took a long friggin’ time to figure out where the Sci-Fi channel is, but I finally located it wayyyyyy up on 160. All is good.
The 3rd season of Angel starts up tonight on the WB. Blank tapes? Check. Stop watch (to edit out commercials flawlessly)? Check. No life? Also Check.
It feels sort of odd for a new season of… ANYTHING to start. I’ve been watching tapes of old shows so much that I’m not used to watching something that everyone else I know hasn’t already seen. Twice. This is doubled by the fact that I’ve been watching a WHOLE lot of tapes, just to avoid the constant news barrage. We’re gearing up for our shows in the near future — very annoyed that two of our favorite shows, which are NOW on different networks, have been scheduled against one another. Stupid corporate pissing match.
And don’t tell me to tape one of them. Normally, I tape BOTH of them, but that’s going to be a bit difficult when everything is simultaneous.

May god have mercy on my… is that episode 89?

Four days ago, Dave handed me a bag full of 22 Babylon 5 episodes. I said I was going to take it easy this time…
Four nights later, I’m done.
That’s a total of 44 episodes in two 4-day stretches.
There is no excuse for not getting caught up with Buffy and Angel before the Season Premiere, Dave. None. Except for the lack of sleep and the ranting and very VERY VERY loud swearing at the television.
Very loud.
I laughed, I swore, and I cried like a tubby bitch (thank you, Dogma) towards the end. I’m tired, but I think I’m too wired to sleep. Cripes.

Babylon 5 Episodes: 8 Sleep: 0

I suck at writing or plotting conflict. I want all the heroes to hook up with their respective heroines (or whatever) and live happily ever after, or at least face their challenges together. I like to see people overcome their obstacles because they worked together, not despite the fact they didn’t. Anything else gives me heartburn. I love a good fight in the story, but it’s hard for me when the fight is between friends.

As for the title of this entry, I have nothing more to add — me tired, go sleepie now.

Babble on

Our new TV is very large, and has quite a good picture, which made watching O Brother, Where Art Thou on Sunday a real pleasure. (It really is one of the best movies of the last few years.) The Coen brothers are working on a noir film for their next endeavor. Very cool.

Dave dumped the 4th Season of Babylon 5 on me last night, and I’m going to try to take it a little easier than I did with Season 3 (this means: don’t watch all 24 episodes in 4 days). The whole thing really feels like 3rd and 4th season are one really big single season, but maybe that’s due to watching them all at once. Certainly, a lot of the same stuff is going on, but I’m not enjoying the new, scared Garibaldi.

I see parallels to the attacks from last week in many things I watch right now… certainly in B5, which concerns a war, and right now is centering on random acts of violence from hidden foes whose motivations are unfathomable. I suppose it makes it poor escapism, but that’s what you make of it, I suppose.

Another Whedon Quote

“UPN is on board for letting me do the show the way that works. I don’t think anything will change. I mean, there’ll be wrestling. But tasteful wrestling. Wrestling with a message behind it.”

Heh. Did I mention I love this guy?