The image below is a shot of a Dropbox directory with every one of my blog posts since 2001, each saved as a separate plaintext file, properly dated and titled.

All done with the wp2md python script, and one command that took 20 seconds to run.

Well, one command and twenty seconds, once I fixed the errors being generated by iTunes and Facebook plugins. (I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.)

So happy right now.

Screenshot 2014-11-26 10.15.22.png
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Why Google+

I've quoted Guy Kawasaki before to explain the differences I see between places like Facebook and Twitter and Google+, but this article really focused on the Google+ microcosm and nicely explains why I continue to find it the best fit for me for almost everything I do with social media.

Why Google+ is the place for passions
The single biggest controversy about social media is whetherGoogle+ is a dying wasteland of non-activity or a hive of conversation and engagement. Mike Elgan is here to explain why it’s the latter.

Medieval Knight Hoodie

The main problem with this: Eighty bucks gets kind of spendy when I (clearly) need to buy at least three, in different sizes.

Medieval Knight Hoodie
Check out this cool Medieval Knight Hoodie. With the convenience of a full-zip hoodie, it makes its wearer look like he or she is decked out in plate armor. The spaulders and visor are removable with snaps. The “plates” are reinforced with interfacing.

One question: How are you not dead?

I am deep – deep – in the lower 60% of of this chart, so the stats on the 24 million (!) Americans downing 10+ drinks per day really blows my mind.

10% of Americans have 10 or more alcoholic drinks every day

The eye-popping stat comes from Philip J Cook’s 2007 booze-economics book Paying the Tab.

American booze consumption follows a familiar pattern, with the top ten percent of drinkers accounting for 50 percent of the b…