The Hidden Things Audiobook Project

I’m a writer.

I write for a living and, more than that, I write because I love it. I always have: my first coherent story (a taut action-mystery-thriller in the ageless style of Alvin Fernald) is… let’s say “stored for posterity” in an old steamer chest in my garage. Handwritten, hand-bound, and illustrated in pen AND crayon – indisputably the best work I produced, circa 1979.

I’m proud of that little book, and the kid that wrote it. I’m proud of all the stories I’ve written since (even the ones consigned to my “still needs work” folder), the ones I’m working on right now, and (of course) Hidden Things. It’s a hell of a thing, to hold a book in your hands and see your words made solid in the world.

Things that make me happy.
Things that make me happy.

But I’ve never quite felt I was done with Hidden Things. Not quite.

Because for me, part of a story is telling it; actually speaking the words. Putting your characters’ rage and fear and joy into the air. Making listeners laugh, or cry, or groan. It’s simple: I was surrounded by storytellers as a kid, and that was what they did.

Now, I get to do it too.

Thanks to the efforts of my amazing agent and the fine folks at HarperCollins (who returned audio rights to me simply because I asked for them), I now have the opportunity to record the Hidden Things audiobook and make it available exactly the way I wish every audiobook could be.

I’m going to tell you a story.

More than that, we’re going to make it happen, together. Please, visit the Hidden Things Audiobook Kickstarter page to find out how.

I’m excited.

I’m a little scared.

I could not be happier.

HTAudio-cover draft Q

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Want to find out more about the Hidden Things novel? We’ve got you covered.

Adrift, Episode 12 (podcast)

Starting to get the hang of this: one hour to record, clean up, render, and upload.

… and a nice little bit with Deirdre that I don’t even think Kate’s heard before.

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Adrift, Episode 7 (podcast) (#nanowrimo)

A shorter section, where I get to make the sounds one makes when one has boiled one’s mouth. Hooray.

(Happy Thanksgiving, folks.)

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Adrift, Episode 5 (podcast) (#nanowrimo)

So, in the last section of the story (episode 4), the characters went off script.

The outline clearly reads:

  • Meet Bilabil.
  • Go to to Manifold Bazaar, surprisingly not shot at and not robbed.

That’s it. No problems along the way.

But did that happen? Noooo. There were problems, even though I’d said that there weren’t supposed to be any, and pretty soon, Bilabil is pointing across the way and telling us that the only alternative route worth a damn was the old battle cruiser… except it was really dangerous.

There was one small problem with that; I had no idea WHY.

So, following my own advice (which I wrote down and blogged as a NaNoWriMo tip the next day), I dropped that storyline for awhile and wrote something else entirely.

Specifically, I wrote out the entire story of the Princess traveling into the Forest of Anything in search of medicine for the Queen (and, in the process, meeting Mira and Mak and a magical bear-cat named Bin).

The whole story (which I have since chopped up and woven between the action on the Drift during episodes 5 and 6) took me about two days to get down.

Then I went back to Jon and Finn and Bilabil, perched on that ship’s hull, and I knew why the detour was dangerous, and they knew how they were going to deal with it.

I think it worked out pretty well.

Except for Finn, that is.

But you’ll find out about that later.

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