The wonder of not planning

Had a very refreshing, restful weekend. It finally felt as though things were back to normal after almost two months of trips and meetings and events and special exceptions.  We had nothing planned and – thanks to Colorado’s annual April blizzard – lots of good excuses not to correct that oversight.

Got home fairly early Friday and we did stuff around the house, then pondered our evening.  We both wanted to get a movie in this weekend, but put it off to Saturday due to the weird weather.  End result was more time spent around the house, getting caught up on shows and couch cuddling.  Kate commented that the afternoon time, plus the evening made it feel as though we’d gotten two days out of Friday, and that was a pretty good feeling.

Saturday, I got up and shoveled the walks in anticipation of a guy coming by to give us estimates on getting new windows, as ours are 25 years old or more and showing their age whenever the temperature isn’t a perfect 72.  The overall pricetag was pretty impressive, but we can do it in baby steps, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.  First up: the patio door and the worst of the windows.  I’m excited to get some proper Green windows in.

Once the window guy was done, I went looking for a gaming manuscript I’m supposed to be editing and which I’ve not-so-inexplicably misplaced.  This lead to a deep-level clean-out and reorganization of the big gaming closet downstairs, which felt pretty good (although I still haven’t found that damn manuscript).   That took us into the afternoon.  We got caught up on a few more shows, then got scrubbed up and out for dinner (burgers) and a movie (Duplicity, which is a fun little spy/caper movie), came home, and watched the first disc of Full Metal Alchemist.  Good stuff.

Sunday, I puttered around until probably noon (poking at various minor projects while watching streaming movies on Netflix — Appleseed: Ex Machina is very good), at which point Kate joined me for a bit of Lord of the Rings play, which we haven’t done much of lately.  We took a break in the mid-afternoon for some post-blizzard yardwork — I have a pile of branches cleared out and ready for disposal — then it was couples-time in the kitchen for a yummy chicken dish (about which, more in a minute), supper, FINALLY getting completely caught up on our DVR’d shows. (Chuck is really hitting it’s stride.  Heroes isn’t.)  Then, just because we could, we played some more Lord of the Rings, this time with our “main” characters whom we’ve let rest for a bit.  That went pretty darn well, all things considered — we’re looking forward to exploring the recently released content.

And that was the weekend.  I hit the week feeling refreshed, happy, and barely able to remember what we did all weekend.  Happy, hazy memories.  Pretty nice.