gets a jump start on April 1 / SaiPhai. Phantasee. The unavyrse. And related-er subjectz. / An Open Letter to Our Readers:.

A common reaction to the new TÖRdötCÖM revolution has been to point out that our new name is actually pronounced exactly the same as our old name, a criticism which must be addressed in two parts:

First, the pronunciation is indeed the same, but the ATTITUDE is totally different. It’s all about the Extreme Vibe embodied by the concept of TÖRdötCÖM-ness. It’s a feeling. It’s almost a flavor, if you will. If Tor was a bowl of Doritos snack chips, TÖRdötCÖM is a family size sack of super-delicious Doritos Extreme Kickin’ Chili, served to you in a space jacuzzi by sexy fire-aliens. We trust that this distinction is clear.

Read the whole thing, it’s quite funny.  You can (apparently) send any feedback to