Letter to Reviewers

Hidden Things
Publication date: 8/21/2012
Publisher: HarperCollins Voyager
ISBN-13: 9780062108111

Available at:


Hi there.

My name is Doyce Testerman, and I wrote the story you are (hopefully) about to read. It’s not (strictly speaking) the pretty, perfectly-bound, error-free final product; in fact, it’s basically the same thing I sent my publishers before they began their magic; quick-and-dirty, sans copyedit, straight-from-my-brain manuscript, which pretty much means a few funny little hidden things crept in and mucked about wherever I wasn’t looking.

(See what I did there?)

Since then, a brilliant copyeditor has run a comb through the tangled mess, gotten things looking clever and more or less intentional, and then inexplicably let me back in to mess with it one last time. That book comes out in September. This isn’t that book.

Still, for all its warts and hair sprouting in unlikely places, I love this version quite a lot, as it represents the first time (after far too many years’ work) that I got to hold my baby with a pretty cover on and all the pages glued together in the right order. I’m certainly more than happy enough with it to send it out into the wild and let friends and strangers have a look and tell me what they think.

I hope you like it.

Well, I hope you love it, actually (the way I do) but even if you don’t — even if you hate it — I very much hope you’ll tell people about it, or even have me come by to talk about it myself.

Very best,